Wednesday 15 January 2014

Minecraft Mad

This describes our house at the moment.  If my Husband, or the kids aren't playing we are talking about it and to be honest, the only thing stopping me having a play too, is that I struggle to make the computer do as I tell it and get a little frustrated.

So it was only natural that when they have had their allotted time on minecraft that they want to do crafty minecraft things!  I found a couple of colouring pages they can do  here and here, which they quite like, but creating minecraft blocks out of hama beads has so far been the winner.  Here they are all together.  Now we need more hama beads, ideally in colours that are better for minecraft creations!

As everyone seems into Minecraft I am planning on giving something a go. I saw it in my Save With Jamie book I got for Christmas; Zombie Brain!  I am yet to make it, but something tells me that trying to feed my Husband celeriac, which he hates (and I'm not all that keen either) and therefore the kids have never had, with mushrooms which the kids dislike is probably not going to make it onto our favourite meals ever list.  Mmmm, got to be worth a try though.  I'll report back on the success/failure of Zombie Brain.

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