Saturday, 11 January 2014

Mayi Hshang Shu/ Ants Climbing a Tree.

Doesn't that sound tasty?  It may not sound very tasty, but it really is.  It is minced pork and noodles basically.  I'm posting this because the library book with the recipe has to go back.  It is called A World Of Recipes: China.  We've also used the Mexico and Italy ones from the same series.  They have been a great way to introduce the kids to some other cuisines, and they are appealing to them because they are designed for kids to cook.

Mayi Hshang Shu Recipe (Serves 2)
125g Fine Noodles
Small piece of Ginger (approx 2cm long) - grated
1 clove of garlic - finely chopped
1 Vegetable Stock Cube
1tbsp Vegetable Oil
225g minced pork
2tbsp soy sauce
2tsp sugar
2 spring onions - chopped

I double up on ingredients, so it feeds us all.
I cook the noodles in the vegetable stock, and while I'm doing that fry the pork.  Once the meat is browned add the ginger, garlic, soy sauce and sugar(which I forgot to include in the picture).  I also add a few handfuls of chopped curly kale (we can call it the leaves of the tree ok?).

Once the noodles are cooked, I add them and the spring onions to the meat mixture and stir and serve.

I've done this meal with Turkey mince as well and that worked brilliantly too.  We all like it, you can tell:



  1. I wish plates like that looked the same in our house!!! Sounds great!

    1. I'm sure your plates do look the same and trust me it isn't every night that they look quite like this!