Friday, 10 January 2014

Blankets, blankets everywhere...

I've been crocheting for a bit now and we have a selection of blankets around the house.  I've used a variety of patterns, and (hopefully) linked to them.

Here is the first one, I made a vertical stripe blanket

Here is one I made for my daughter's bed (still Vertical Stripe Pattern):

And one I made for my son's bed(still Vertical Stripe Pattern -I liked doing this pattern):

I also made blankets using these patterns; the ripple blanket, a giant granny square, and a moss stitch blanket, and I have made a couple of blankets for other people too.

Here is the Ripple:

And here is the Moss Stitch Blanket: 

All the Blankets together:

 Have you seen this blanket by Little Woollie?  Isn't it just beautiful, I think I've pinned it about six times - everytime I see it I love it more.  So I got some yarn for Christmas, two whole full bags of brand new multi-coloured yarn.  I had to try the multi-stitch blanket, right? 

 But I didn't need a new blanket, so I decided that a cushion cover would be a great alternative.  And here it is:

I mainly followed the pattern (badly as it turns out, I can't show you the back of this project!)  Little Woollie created for her "Crochet Along", but I added a couple of stitches I'd seen elsewhere, I'll talk about those another time.  As I was doing a cushion cover, it only took a few days.  I had a lot of fun seeing it come together, so much so, I'm already working on cushion cover number two!  This time I'm using different stitches though(again, will talk about these another time), some I've wanted to try for a while.  Here's a sneak peek.  

So far so good.  My sides are a lot less wonky (notice I'm still not saying they are straight), and I've learnt how to do so many more stitches, which will definitely be used in some more projects in the future. 

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