Sunday, 6 April 2014

Crochet Owl Chocolate Egg Cover

Yep, I seem to have got obsessed with Egg covers, those they could all be turn into cuddly toys/bean bags or....nope maybe that is it!

This is a slightly easier pattern (I think anyway) because you don't start off in the round, you start with a chain that joins up and then you continue to crochet around that.  I love owls and at the craft fair I went to recently I saw a couple of owl cuddly toys and figured I could make something similar.  Although I think the ones I saw were knitted, so I was never going to make something exactly the same.  Knitting and I don't mix!

I really love this little guy, and I'm so pleased how he turned out. I want to do a whole load and I wish I'd started a little earlier so I could have made enough for a little thank you for teachers this Easter.  I think he would look awesome in stripes or colour blocks too.

I used a 2.5mm hook with normal DK acrylic wool for this project.  The pattern is my own.  The terms are American terms

Body (Make one)
Row 1          Chain 20 and join in a circle.  Make sure you don't twist the chain otherwise you'll get                             frustrated (trust me on that one!)
Row 2 - 10   Chain 2 and then half double crochet into each stitch and sip stitch to Join at the end                                of the row.
Row 11        You should have a hollow cylinder now.  Fold this in half.  Single crochet the first 2                                stitches together.  Chain 3 and slip stitch into the first chain (this makes his little ears, so                          you are making a little picot ear).  Continue to single crochet along the top until the last                          stitch and then chain 3 and slip stitch into the first chain (this is the other ear) and then do                        one last single crochet before fastening off.

Eyes (Make two)
Row 1         Magic circle , chain 1 and 6 single crochet into the circle. Join with slip stitch to the chain
Row 2         Chain 1, 2 single crochet into each stitch.  Join with slip stitch to the chain and fasten off

Use embroidery thread to make the eyes.  I love the sleeping owl look, but you could quite easily have a wide awake owl if you wanted.  I would probably crochet up to the end of the first row of the eyes in black and then swap to the white yarn (or just do an extra black circle and sew it into place).

Alternatively you could use scraps of felt cut into circles

Attach these to the body.  I found this quite fiddly.

Wings (Make two)
Chain 6, 3 single crochet into the 2nd stitch from the hook and along the remaining chains.  5 single crochet into the end chain.  Single crochet on the other side of the chain (into the back loops).  In the last chain (the one you have already put 3 single crochet into at the beginning) complete 2 more single crochet.  Slip stitch to join.

Chain 1, single crochet around, but at the end where you did 5 single crochet before, on the 3rd single crochet chain 2 (this just makes a little point at the end of the wing, it isn't necessary, but I prefer it that way) , and continue to single crochet around.  Slip stitch into the chain and fasten off.  Attach these wings to the side of the body.

Finishing Off
I simply added a scrap of orange felt (with fabric glue - I'm lazy) to make a beak and you're done.

If you wanted to make it big enough to fit comfortably over a normal egg, I would simply up the hook size, I would imagine a 3.5mm hook would do it. Depends on the size of you eggs I suppose!

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