Saturday, 12 April 2014

Finally...One Creeper Cushion Cover

So after what has seemed like the longest project I've ever crocheted, though certainly not the biggest it is done:

I am pleased with him, and I enjoyed playing with the squares, but the sewing together of all the squares took a long time, and then creating a back for the cushion seemed to take even longer.  I simply used double crochet (American Terms) all over the back in the same colour, slip stitching to the sides.  It was dull and it took a while, especially when I wanted to create a sort of flap, so I had crochet some elements of it twice.  Sigh. Here is the back.

Looks smart don't you think.  And here is the edge, where I slip stitched to the granny squares.

So as a learning experience, although I would use this method to create blankets/cushion covers again, I would use smaller cushions and try to use more of the same colour, so that at least the sewing together wasn't quite so tedious!

Off to find a new crochet project now...


  1. BTW. Thank you for visiting with me at my site. :-)

    1. Making the flap was a good idea. Yes, sewing together squares can get tedious. But, in the end a job well done.

  2. Thank you. It seems to be holding up to its rather heavy usage as a gymnastics mat(!) pretty well. I think I will use this method again, as the previous button method I've used doesn't hold up to the requirements so well.