Friday, 21 March 2014

Felting onto Clothes

There are times that I see something and straight away I want to have a go myself.   This time I saw this, and immediately ran out (well ok, I didn't actually run!) to the charity shops to find a suitable jumper.  50p later, I returned with an orange jumper one size too big.  Ahh well, it doesn't really matter does it?  At this point I should have taken a before photo, but I didn't.  I just wanted to get straight to the crafting I'm afraid, you'll have to imagine this as the plain orange jumper it was before I decorated it.

I didn't really know what I wanted to do, so I just played around a bit.  I didn't have much time before the school run, so I only got the top layer done (again, photos should have been taken, but weren't).  I showed my daughter the jumper as soon as we got in.  She was pretty impressed, and had some helpful ideas about what we should do next.  So I have to admit, that the colour scheme and the shapes made were really just what she said I should do.

After the last time we felted and it ended in injuries for all of us she wasn't too keen on getting involved, that was until I found one of her old tops which had got ruined with oil.  She set about decorating and designing her new top straight away too.  Luckily there were no injuries this time.

I've no idea how this will wash, I'm going to assume that it will need a low/hand washing setting and keep my fingers crossed.  In the meantime I'm really pleased with the result and I think I'll be trying it again with some other tops now I know it works.


  1. What a lovely customisation. I love this kind of thing and your upcycle is so creative! x

  2. Ah, thank you. I am really pleased with it. Since I published this I have washed it, and it was fine. Phew! So I'm on the look out for other things I can felt onto now...