Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Whilst I'm Crafting...

...the rest of the family have been doing something pretty special.  They have been building, gardening, farming, mining and even doing a bit of forestry.  Ok, so it was on Minecraft, but still, quite impressive. 

They worked together, the Husband gave the kids jobs to do to help with the building.  

One Tudor House.

Many hours of work has gone into this development.  it progressed over the last couple of weeks.

Once the building was complete, the gardens were next.

We looked at pictures of Tudor gardens to give us ideas.

The Husband has started on the interior, but they still need to add a load of furniture.

For those that play Minecraft, this was all made in a survival world.  There have been several near misses. Creepers coming to close, and when setting light to a fire in a building made of wool and wood the brick chimney really does need to go all the way round and all the way to the top of the building!

You can see the, now, fully enclosed chimney in the above picture.

I'm hoping they produce a huge dining area.  I think I may have to Google for Tudor furniture to see what should be in there!

I'm looking forward to see what they create next.

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