Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Oranges/Satsuma Pumpkins

Does that title even make sense?  Maybe not, but that is what we made.  We used plain sticky labels, well actually I think we used old computer disc labels.  Do you remember them?  Weird to think my kids have no idea what we're talking about when the Husband and I discuss them.

Anyway all you need is some sticky labels you can cut and colour and then stick onto whatever fruit you have to hand.  We chose oranges because that is what I had.  Each one got a face lift on both sides as the kids really did enjoy this activity.

I thought that the stickers would be a good idea because then I would still feel comfortable eating the fruit after Halloween.  Though originally I got the idea from here and they drew straight on to the fruit with sharpies.  I know they have a thick peel, but I would have been worrying about whether there were any toxins that had seeped through that I needed to worry about.

We didn't do this last year, I didn't have any of the right coloured fruit, but I must remember to get some in this year for some half term holiday fun.

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