Saturday, 22 February 2014

Knights and Castles

My son is learning about Castles at school at the moment and he is really interested in knights and their amour and their weapons.

While I was looking around for some fun knight related things to do I stumbled across this and realised I would have to make it straight away.

The first part of the pattern came together really easily, as it is a basic hat pattern with a bit at the bottom.  The Husband was laughing at me as I kept trying it on, and when I moved on to crochet the next parts I left it on my head because it was lovely and cosy!

Ah yes, apparently I wasn't concentrating very well for the bit that goes round the mouth.  As you can see it is a little wonky, I think I probably repeated a line a couple of times.  I figured it probably wouldn't make too much difference once it was part of the helmet.  Fingers crossed.

I was really pleased with how it turned out.  Whilst I was trying to persuade my son to try it on he was watching the Husband play Minecraft and that is far more interesting than anything else. Ever. Sadly, once completed, he looked at me and asked why I'd made him another hat as he had plenty already, so it hasn't been the biggest hit. 

I found it quick to make, the pattern was awesome, and free.  I still need to move the buttons a little higher, I think, but I'm pleased with it as it is at the moment.   I do think it is going to be really good as it gets colder and he wants something to keep him warm.

I hope he comes round to the idea of wearing a knight's hat before they stop playing knights on the playground!  Luckily he redeemed himself when he was super excited by this little fella:

He asked to take him to school straight away.  The pattern is from here and is fab.  I had to adjust it slightly as I obviously have inferior sized wine bottles and using a 4mm hook it turned out way too big. There are a couple more free cork and crochet patterns on there too.

Right, I'm off to search for wine bottles which don't have inferior sized corks!

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