Monday, 1 December 2014

Advent Books

A couple of years ago I saw something on Pinterest that I thought would be a lovely idea for advent - wrapping up a book for each day of advent.  I wanted it to be themed so I looked through our books and found all the Christmas books, all the books with any snow included and then all the books with a vague mention of winter and managed to scrape together 24 books to use for advent.

Since then I've collected enough Christmas books, so now they are all about Christmas, most from charity shops and ex-library books, but some new ones in there too.  I think that this is possibly one of my favourite parts of Christmas now - plus the kids get to unwrap a load of presents before the day and they think that is great.  They do have favourites, obviously not the same favourites - that would make life way too easy.  I also have some favourites that they really dislike, but that is tough because I will  continue to read them Threadbear until they are much, much older (left home maybe?!).

Here is our list of books (although we do have a few more these are the ones that I tend to use):

A Christmas Carol  - we don't have this one, but something similar, I don't read the original to them

I wrap them up and number them.  I'm careful with the numbering, to make sure that we will have time to read them on that evening.  Even so, it is inevitable that at some point we end up opening 2 books on one day.  I was worried that the kids would be upset that there was only 1 book to open each night and two of them, but right from the beginning they seem to have understood and taken turns. 

A friend of mine borrowed a load of Christmas books from the library and wrapped those, which I think is genius because then you don't need to store them all year!

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