Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Look What I Made - Pyjama Trousers

So, watching my daughter sewing all sorts, including some skirts, but also bags, trousers, and some appliqué, I figured it couldn't be that hard and certainly I didn't have to fear the sewing machine any more.

So I waited until the house was quiet, and I could bin the creation if necessary, and I had a go.  I found a simple pattern for drawstring trousers in a charity shop, and an old sheet - also from the charity shop and just went for it.   

Actually when I opened the pattern I bought, it seemed to be missing the "back" section for the trousers,so I just turned over the "front" section and kept my fingers crossed. I basically cut out four leg sections and then sewed down the seams.  Then the pattern said to turn one leg the right way round and slot it into the other leg and then sew the legs together.

I finished that and I was so pleased, and then realised I managed to sew the legs totally together so there was a seam running up the middle of the trousers.  Doh!  I unpicked and did it again and finally I had something that looked like a pair of trousers.  I had cheated earlier on and cut the bottom of the legs along the already completed hem of the sheet, so that was already done, all I needed to do was the waist.  I cheated with that too.  I ignored the pattern with its waistband ideas and simply folded over the existing material, twice to make a casing for the elastic I already had to hand.  And then, I had completed my first pair of trousers:

They are not perfect, and things that are wrong with these pj bottoms, include:
- the legs are actually different widths  (I'm still learning to be accurate with the sewing machine!)
- the hems at the bottom of the legs and different heights (something I didn't spot when I was cutting out the material)
- the seams inside are not nice and flat as directed by the pattern and as my daughter had only demonstrated to me the day before (still actually no idea how she managed that)
- the "casing" for the elastic is very wibbly wobbly, I can't take out pins and carry on sewing at the same time apparently

However, they do fit my little girl and they do actually look like a pair of trousers!  I think I'm going to have a go making some for me next.  I'll see if I can show the progress with pictures - to keep you guys amused with my lack of skill!  

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  1. They look great, looking forward to your sewing journey!