Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mini Monsters

A while ago my children feel in love with Moshi Monsters.  I was quite happy for them to play on it as they seemed to be learning a lot while they were doing so (I think they can recognise more flags than I can).  When it came to their birthdays Moshi Monster parties were in order.

I'll admit some of the links to Moshi Monster were a little loose, but they seemed to enjoy it.  Phew. One of the activities we did with for my daughter's party was to design their own moshlings.  I crocheted some little monsters, the pattern I used can be found here. We didn't sew on the details, I just bought some fabric glue and lots of little crafty bits - eyes, foam hands and feet, felt, mini pom poms etc and we stuck on the details.

We had some awesome little guys from this project.

For my son's party, as they were younger, we pre-made the moshlings and they "adopted" them as their prize for the treasure hunt they completed.

I love that they are all so very, very different.

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